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20 Facts About Me

I thought that a good way to introduce myself would be to write 20 facts about me, they will be random and probably a little weird. But hopefully it will give you good insight into who I am… I hope you enjoy and maybe even some of you can relate.

  1. I am 18 years old.
  2. I was born in Rotherham UK, but moved to South Australia when I was 8 weeks old. I have lived here ever since.
  3. I am a cat person and a dog person, I don’t know how people don’t love both.
  4. I have 4 cats, Button, Fudge, Daisy and Belle and I also have 2 dogs, Toby and Ralph. If you follow me on Snap or Insta this is pretty much all you will see haha
  5. I am currently studying to become a Nurse, almost at the end of my first year yayay!!
  6. I also have a part-time job at Foodland (supermarket)
  7.  I love green tea and dark chocolate (but only cadburys old gold)
  8. Ravioli is my all time favourite food, I will never pass up a bowl of that goodness.
  9. I am the biggest sweet tooth, give me all the dessert.
  10. But I also love love vegetables, weird right?!
  11. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I love the way it makes me feel and the progress I am seeing both physically and mentally is motivating. But really some days I really can’t be bothered and dread the idea of doing it.
  12. obviously I love to travel, I want to enjoy all types of travel whether that be overseas holiday, roadtrips or camping. The experiences you gain from travel you can’t replace.
  13. I have been to the UK, Paris, Munich, Salzburg, Berlin and Prague, Singapore, Hong-Kong, I have been to every state in AUS minus Canberra, the South Pacific Islands and coming up at the end of this year is Kuala Lumpar, Japan and Vietnam!!! GET KEEN!!!!
  14. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years, crazy I know.
  15. I am quite a shy person naturally and go BRIGHT red if I am even the slightest bit embarrassed.
  16. I may or may not have a Bikini and Active wear addiction.
  17. I have loved photography ever since my Dad first showed me how to use his DSLR.
  18. I am extremely family orientated.
  19. I am not a morning person in the slightest, I need all the sleep I can get to not be grumpy!!
  20. But I can also fall asleep pretty much anywhere at pretty much anytime, one of my very few not very exciting talents haha

so there you go, 20 random and unrelated facts about me. Hopefully they help you get to know me more 🙂

Happy Travelling

Jasmine x x x

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