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Travel Tips: how to get the most out of a Cruise 

Cruising has to be one of my favourite ways to travel, you get to see so much in a little time and it usually works out quite a bit cheaper than other forms of travel. All your food and entertainment are provided in the cruise price, therefore leaving you to pay for drinks and tours (if you want to do them) and flights to where ever the cruise is leaving from, if you aren’t lucky enough to have them leave from somewhere near you. Because the price of the cruise includes so much they become affordable for many different people. 

My favourite bit about cruising is the fact that you fall asleep in one place and wake up in another without a single hassle. 
Food options: 

Once onboard there is more food options than you can imagine. If you are one for the simple life and don’t enjoy dressing up a little fancier for a meal, then the buffet/food hall is definitely for you. This is also great at lunch time when you just want to grab something quick and easy and go back to lazing around on a sun lounger. If you enjoy dressing up or having a sit down/3 course meal then there is always a main restaurant that is included in your cruise price, sometimes if you’re lucky even more than one of varying cuisines. The food from both the restaurant and the buffet is always amazing and of such a good standard. 

If you are willing to spend some money there are usually also restaurants that you can pay for, these will often be quite fancy or be a certain cuisine. I personally have never done this as I don’t see the point as the food included is so good anyway. 

Drink options:

Some cruise lines offer drink packages whether that be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, sometimes they can be worth it, especially for longer cruises but it is always good to way up how much you will actually drink. 

Drinks vary in price, alcoholic drinks are usually between 8 and 15 dollars (or more if you are getting a cocktail) whereas soft drink or juice is about $4 and water is always free. 

On the last cruise I went on a soft drink package was included in the price of my cruise as part of promotion or special at the time we booked. It always good to look out for those types of things as well. 
What is there to do:

There is so much to do on board. 

Of course some ships you go on will have better activities than others but all the cruises I have been on have still had amazing activities. Generally on sea days they provide more activities as on days you are at a port they assume you will get off and explore. 

Usually every night they give you a daily planner for the next day with everything that is happening onboard. My favourite on board activity is bingo haha so much fun even though I’ve never won 🙁 

Some cruises even do cooking classes or cocktail making classes which are lots of fun. 

Along with the activities provided by the entertainment team there is also so much more you can do, there are pools, spas, the gym, day spa (for a fee) some even have water slides and flying foxes. There are an abundance of bars and coffee shops, actual duty free shops and so much more. If someone says they are bored on a cruise they obviously didn’t try hard enough to find things to do! 

-The top deck onboard P&O’s Pacific Eden. 
Another cool thing most cruises do are theme nights, like Hawaiian, formal night, western, Gatsby or back to school. So much fun!! 

Included in the price of your cruise is nightly entertainment. Onboard there are the entertainment staff, they do amazing shows! Singing, dancing and musicals all of which are of such a high quality! They also have comedians and musicians which play in the local bars. There is always something to do at night.

-some of the entertainment team, singing in the restaurant onboard the Carnival Legend.

To pay for Tours or to do it yourself:

 When it gets closer to departing on your cruise, the company you are going with starts to offers tours at each of the ports you are going to. Some can be very expensive and end up making your affordable cruise much more expensive but others were worth the money! For example when I cruised to the South Pacific Islands we paid for a tour that took us on a boat out to a part of the island where there are lots of sea turtles and we got to swim with them, it was one of the best experiences to see such amazing animals in their natural environment! 

Other things like paying to go snorkelling are not so much worth it when there is amazing snorkelling for free right off the beach. 

I personally like the idea of exploring at my own leisure in most situations.

 However different people have different preferences and that’s the amazing thing about the cruise companies, they cater for everybody. 
So how can you really get the most out of your cruise??? 

From experience to really make the most of every moment, just enjoy yourself! Relax and get involved in the activities. Explore the ports in as much detail as you can even though you don’t have ages. Get to know the staff and be nice to them, they appreciate it! On one of our cruises we got to know our wait staff and room stewards really well. They were from the islands we were visiting and gave us great recommendations of things to see and do! One of the waiters even set us up with one of his cousins to drive us around to some beautiful attractions of the island. They were lovely and it was cheaper than one of the ships tours and the money actually went to a family instead of a company. We even bought the staff some Aussie food along with the tip to thank them for being amazing, they were so grateful!!! 

some of the towel animals our room sterwards made us. 

Where to book: 

A great place to find great cruise deals if you are in Australia is or If you don’t feel comfortable booking online most travel agents will try there best to price match and are also very helpful with any enquires. I have used all of these methods successfully. 
So if you are thinking of booking a cruise, why not?? If you are not sure how you will go, book a sampler one, they are usually only 3 days and are a great way to get a taste of the sea life (which is awesome nonetheless)

Below I have attached some pictures of places I have travelled while cruising. 

Also check out my YouTube Channel, to see a video of my recent Cruise 🙂 -Jasmine Stanford 

Happy Travelling 
Jasmine x x x

onboard P&O’s Pacific Eden.

Isle Of Pines

Hobart Tasmania

Mount Wellington, Tasmania.

Blue Lagoon, Port Vila

Cascade Waterfall, Port Vila

Blue Lagoon

Top of Mount Wellington, Tasmania.

Isle of Pines.

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  2. Wow, I have to say you’re definitely an expert on how to get the most out of cruise! Amazing photos & tips, I’m from Adelaide but have never done a cruise from Australia, so definitely saving this & gonna look at some options… 🙂

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