What’s in my Hand Luggage – Long Haul Flights 

I have always struggled to know what to pack, and always seem to pack unnecessary items that I don’t touch for the entire flight. On my last trip, I think I finally managed to get it down pat and packed all the necessities needed for a long haul flight. 

First of all you need a reliable bag to take everything in, again I have tried many different types. From handbags, to totes and backpacks, for me personally a backpack is the best option for me. I find it easier to carry, especially when it’s heavy. The backpack I use is a little black PacSafe bag, it doesn’t look like it’s an overly ‘touristy’ ‘safe’ bag but it gives me some security when walking around airports and cities. 

So what goes in my bag?? 


I will go more into this on a different post but basically on any holiday I always take: my Camera, my GoPro, my laptop, my IPhone, power pack charger and my Polaroid printer. I know that sounds like a whole lot of stuff but it’s really not that much compared to other travel bloggers! 


I always always take a little bag of essential toiletries on the plane with me. You never know what might happen to your luggage, plus I like freshening up before landing or at airports that you may be having a layover at. Inside my toiletry bag I have: tissues, perfume, face wipes, sanitising wipes, deodorant, hand sanitiser, moisturiser, floss sticks, toothbrush&toothpaste, lip balm and face balancing mist. 

Travel Purse-

Of course you need a travel purse, to keep all your essential documents in. Mine is quite a large one, so it fits everything in. Inside I have my flight itinerary, passport, travel cards, an ID, a pen to fill out documents and some cash in the local currency. I also keep any other specific important documents for the place I’m going in there, for example my Japan Rail Pass or Oyster card. 

Extra Essentials-

Other things I carry in my hand luggage that might sound random are:

1. Cheap slippers – you can either take from a hotel or bought from Kmart. These are useful for once you’ve taken your shoes of on the plane but need to go to the toilet. 

2. Tea and snacks – I don’t drink coffee or normal tea, so I take herbal tea onboard with me. Herbal teas are usually quite good for your digestive system and can be calming as well, great when you’ve eaten plane food or get nervous flying. I also like to take some little healthier snacks with me, in case I don’t like the plane food. Air popped Popcorn or healthy raw treats are a great idea. 

3. A Torch – I don’t really know why I take this everywhere, but you never know when you need a torch. Especially if your phone dies and you need to find something in your bag in the dark. 

4. An Umbrella – my worst nightmare is walking out of the airport and it’s pouring, and you then have to rummage through your luggage to find an umbrella or run through the rain. Now I just keep it in my hand luggage just in case. 

5. Comfy socks – if you’re not planning wearing socks on the plane, pack some just in case. Having cold feet is the worst!! 

6. Eye mask and neck pillow – if you sleeping in the dark and eye mask blocks out all the unnecessary light. On some long haul flights you do get a pillow but I enjoy taking my neck pillow for extra comfort. 

7. Water bottle – take through security empty and fill up once you get through. Good idea so you don’t have to keep asking the attendant for a drink. 

8. Headphones – if you forget these, you will be in for a looooong flight! 

9. Colouring in book and pencils – to keep me entertained when I can’t be bothered watching or listening to anything anymore. 

10. Scarf or light Jacket/Jumper – if you are like me and get cold easily, taking a jumper or a big scarf on the plane with you is essential. 

So there it is, my hand luggage essentials for long haul flights. I hope this helps someone if they are utterly confused about what to pack. 

Also if you have any other tips for me about what to pack for long haul flights, let me know 🙂
Happy Travelling 

Jasmine x x x

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