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10 reasons to get on a plane and head to Japan 

 As I’m writing my blogs about Japan, I decided to share the reasons why I love this country and my favourite pictures. These are ones that make me want to jump on a plane and go straight back. 

1. Highrises and Alleyways 

-I loved walking through the city and not knowing what you would see next.

2. Embrace the craziness 

-Shibuya, Tokyo 

3. Temples and more Temples. 

-Ueno Park & Higashi Hogan-Ji temple.
4. Animals, animals everywhere ?

-monkey park Kyoto, cat cafe and Deer park Nara. 
5. Breathtaking scenery. 

-Kyoto & Mt Fuji
6. Incredible views. 

-Tokyo Sky Tree & view from Tokyo Hotel
7. New vs Old 

-Asakusa, I love the mix of modern buildings and old temples. 
8. New experiences.

-I decided to throw myself into the Japanese culture and try out the public bath house. 
9. So many unique snacks. 


-matcha Ice-cream & red bean paste everything.
10. Tradition & Culture 

If you are thinking of booking a trip to Japan, do it!! You will not regret it, it’s an incredible country. 

-Jasmine x x x 

7 thoughts on “10 reasons to get on a plane and head to Japan 

  1. Ah, so many nice memories come back! Love your photos. 🙂 I went to Japan in 2014, but I only had one week; too little time! I fell in love with the country, would love to go back there ones and see much more! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  2. I loved Japan! Fair enough, I was lost most of the time, but wow! Japanese people are the kindest! Loved the culture, loved the colors, especially during autumn, and loved the food! 😀

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