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Where have I been?!

Well know where really, these past few months since getting back from Vietnam have been CRAZY!! Before Uni started back I had a 3-week full time ‘rural’ placement even though where I got placed was only 45mins – an hour away from home depending on traffic. When that placement finished it was straight into another 6 weeks of placement Monday – Wednesday. I also started a second job earlier this year so between placement, 2 jobs and Uni my life has been pretty hectic. Since the 6th of February right up until when I finished placement a week ago I think I had 3 days off, so that hasn’t given me any time for things I enjoy doing, like this.


Even though placement has been incredibly draining, both physically and mentally I have had some incredible experiences. Some days I definitely struggled to force myself out of bed at 5:30am especially after a late shift but once I was there I did enjoy what I was doing. I was constantly reminded as to why I chose to do nursing, and all the amazing experiences I’ve been having on placement are why I push through when its tough at Uni. Now that placement is finished until July I am so excited to relax a little and of course hopefully get some little holidays in.


Another totally spontaneous thing that has happened this year, was buying a van with my boyfriend. We were talking about the idea of a van and how cool it would be when were in Vietnam and then we came back and bought one. We are currently doing it up so we can travel around in it a bit this year and then hopefully sell it on so others can do the same. While it has been a slow process getting it ready as we had a slight setback due to an unfortunate defecting its ready enough to go on adventures now which is super exciting.


Other than a super quick weekend trip to Melbourne to see my Great Grandma I haven’t been away anywhere since Vietnam, and I didn’t even have anything on the cards. I am someone that needs to have something to look forward to, otherwise life gets away from me and it gets me down. So last week, my best friend and I finally booked our flights to Thailand for November!! I know its ages away and hopefully I will have some adventures before then but I am so so excited.


So there it is, a little summary of what has been going on in my life for the past couple. Now that I have a little more free time hopefully I will be on here much more often.


Until next time


Jasmine x x x

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