Penang, Malaysia

I am not sure about you but before this trip I never really had any desire to travel to Malaysia. When I think of Malaysia all I really think about is Kuala Lumpar. 

When my boyfriend said he wanted to go to the formula 1 in Malaysia and we decided to make a holiday out of it I was a little bit skeptical about how much there would be to do. To my delight and surprise I discovered there was so many places to see in Malaysia and so many things to do!! We decided to start out by going to Penang and Langkawi as they seemed to be the most popular destinations. 

So let’s start with Penang. 

Penang was truly not what I was expecting it to be, I don’t really know what I was expecting but it was different. It was actually a suprisigly big city with lots of high rise buildings and sooo many cars. I thought I had the crossing traffic situation down pact from having visited Vietnam  but let me tell you crossing traffic in front of bikes and scooters is a whole lot less scarier than crossing in front on cars. But hey that’s all part of the adventure and it helps if you look out for locals and follow them!!

We stayed in George Town in a beautiful hotel that was surprisingly cheap for what we got. They had a rooftop pool and amazing breakfast, the rooms were a good size and best of all the bed was comfy. 

George Town is a great place to stay if you really want to be immersed in a real cultural experience there are not heaps of tourists and it has so much character. George Town is particularly famous for its street art, however we struggled so much to actually find some. It wasn’t until we decided to wander slowly home one night instead of catch a ride that we just happened to stumble upon some. Turns out we were looking in the wrong area and we ended up seeing quite a few pieces maybe not the most famous ones and it was probably not the same in the dark as it would have been during the day but I was just so happy to have seen them. 

While we were in Penang we decided to go up Penang Hil,  it was 30 RM to get to the top and back in the fenicular or it was 60 RM to go in the fast lane. In hind site we probably should have paid to go into the fast lane as we were probably in the line for about an hour and it was boiling hot. Once we were in the fenicular and heading up the hill the wait was worth it, the view was amazing. We also decided to head out on a hop on hop off bus to see the best spots of Penang and it was actually a suprsingly good way to see the city and the coast which was beautiful. We also figured out lots of the tourists were staying along the coast as that’s where the stunning beaches were. The night markets were also interesting they were along the coast as well and had lots of bars and restaurants around. 

Penang was a great experience and I would have loved more time to explore the city and the food more. I definitely would love to go back if I was headed to Malaysia again. 

Stay tuned for Langkawi next. 

Until next time. 

Jasmine x x x 

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