Penang, Malaysia

I am not sure about you but before this trip I never really had any desire to travel to Malaysia. When I think of Malaysia all I really think about is Kuala Lumpar.  When my boyfriend said he wanted to go to the formula 1 in Malaysia and we decided to make a holiday out of it I was a…

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Vietnam Photo Diary

At the beginning of this year I was lucky enough to explore Vietnam for the first time. From the moment we left the airport and I got my first glimpse of this incredible country, I just knew I was going to LOVE it. And oh how I did, so so much. We travelled from Hanoi down to Saigon, exploring Halong…

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My Youtube Videos

If you didn’t already know, I decided last year that i would create little youtube videos of my holidays. I never went into it to get heaps of views but more as memories of the wonderful travels i’ve had. Plus I do enjoy capturing the video and putting it all together. my youtube channel is just JasmineStanford but i thought…

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Random Ramblings

Where have I been?!

Well know where really, these past few months since getting back from Vietnam have been CRAZY!! Before Uni started back I had a 3-week full time ‘rural’ placement even though where I got placed was only 45mins – an hour away from home depending on traffic. When that placement finished it was straight into another 6 weeks of placement Monday…

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What’s in my Hand Luggage – Long Haul Flights 

I have always struggled to know what to pack, and always seem to pack unnecessary items that I don’t touch for the entire flight. On my last trip, I think I finally managed to get it down pat and packed all the necessities needed for a long haul flight.  First of all you need a reliable bag to take everything in,…

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Travel Tips

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Random Ramblings

20 Facts About Me

I thought that a good way to introduce myself would be to write 20 facts about me, they will be random and probably a little weird. But hopefully it will give you good insight into who I am… I hope you enjoy and maybe even some of you can relate. I am 18 years old. I was born in Rotherham…

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